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 Douglassville, PA April 16, 2014 
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Neighborhood Contests  
Nothing brings neighbors together like a little friendly competition! Perhaps you feel you have a festive holiday display or an extraordinary garden! This is the time to show them off! This page will be a lot of fun and should inspire you to get to know your neighbors even better!

Please check back often, so that you may participate.

AboutAmity.com Photo Contest
Help us spruce up Your Community Web Site by uploading your own photos of Amity Township! You may submit photos of landmarks as well as nature. Once we download your pictures we have the right to use them on this site and in any way we wish. When we do use your photos on this site, you will receive a gift card for one of our local merchants. Part of the fun is the surprise of the prize! If you are a local vendor and would like to participate by donating a gift card, please let us know!

Upload your pictures to C21LydiaR@aol.com with 'photo contest' in the subject line. Remember to include your name and address for your prize!